Pascal Taquoy


I 'm 42 and am an amateur photographer and passionate . Love the black and white I have a website that I dedicated to my images but also the great photographers of the specialty. I publish with the help of a writing team , a monthly magazine dedicated to photography for over three years. Finally, I also feeds a page and a Facebook Fanpage on photography in general , I am the pride of the great contemporary photographers .

First I discovered the Black & White on later , or more accurately, I came back to him later. In fact, when I was a kid I was already doing the silver with a Royer dating from 1968 . Then I switched to digital. Therefore , requires new , goodbye and hello monochrome striking colors ! Then as much I think I 'm gradually returned to Black & White as a homecoming . Funny this relatively recent fashion held by many photographers want to come back to a film made ​​while using a digital camera . This is also an opportunity to realize that the digital era has made us lose gradually the quality level of Tri- X gray or individual grain of Ilford . As they say : " We know what we win but we do not know what is lost " and now we know !

All photos that I present are taken based digital color . Then by the method of mixing layers , I turned into Black & White . For some I even added grain history to sow doubt .

I like more the rendering of Black & white because it gives a serious look to the image , or old . I think some issues need to be addressed as well . When I do a series on a castle, on a Middle-Ages meeting or a military cemetery , black and white is needed. When I deal with the misery of a poor neighborhood of Cairo or the aridity of the Draa Valley , it is also and above all a form of respect and a way to report objectively without voyeurism of the situation as is .

Finally, a photo Black & white is not a bad shot in color, but it is at first glance a deliberate attempt to make a Black & White !


Après la bataille - Crépy, France

A hue et à dia - Bruges, Belgique

Fantômatique - Margny, France

Les ferrailleurs - Caire, Egypte

Le charretier - Marrakech, Maroc

Mosquée bleue depuis Sainte Sophie- Istanbul, Turquie

Pause Simit - Istanbul, Turquie

Sous les arches - Taroudant, Maroc

Retour de pêche - Essaouira, Maroc

Vers la Koutoubia - Marrakech, Maroc

La mosquée et la palmeraie - Caire, Egypte

Incorruptible - Sainte Lucie, Caraïbes

Désorientées - Vallée du Drâa, Maroc

Backgammon - Istanbul, Turquie

La belle - Reims, France

Le gardien du temple - Edfou, Egypte

Homme des bois - Reims, France

Pleins phares sur deux roues - Margny, France

Sans distinction - Ribécourt, France

Victoire - La Croix St Ouen, France

Caire, effet de serre - Caire, Egypte

Caesar - Bavay, France

En route vers le Moyen-Atlas - La vallée de Telouet, Maroc

Le cocher - République Dominicaine, Caraïbes

Presseuse d'argan - Essaouira, Maroc

Artisan graveur - Caire, Egypte

Bassin de la Menara - Marrakech, Maroc

Mister banana - Martinique, Caraïbes

Troubadour - Compiègne, France

Multi instrumentiste - Mont Saint Michel, France

Haie d'honneur - Chaalis, France

Felouque - Assouan, Egypte

Les cireurs - République Dominicaine, Caraïbes

Le lépreux - Compiègne, France

Le petit pont de bois - Margny, France

Misère - Caire, Egypte