Sergei Sogokon


I was born in the '60s, near Paris - a small, charming village in Ukraine. Sometimes, in this charming village, however, dark and frightful things can happen. One winter, as a young child, I fell into the deep snow. The last thing I remember seeing through the powdery freezing white was the black sun. A, fortunately, I was saved by passing strangers or I would not be alive today.
At school, in the wintertime, before the hockey season began, it was customary to name your new hockey stick. To decide on my name that year, I opened a dictionary, closed my eyes and pointed to a page. The word that I had selected was " Still-life ".
At the same time, I got hold of a camera and took pictures of everything except still-life. Since then the camera has been my constant companion.
Only after many years and moving to England did I discover true still-life photography. Still-life took me from the comfortable and familiar and opened a new door to a different and amazing world. There were and are many secrets within it. Behind each object a hidden history. In my still life world, you can travel in time, you can get a sense of the mystery of life and death and for me especially there is a music that can transform into shapes the eye can see. If you wish, I invite you to explore the sights of this wonderful world.
Presently, my heart beats in the Channel Islands, but at night my soul is free and flies wherever it wants to go.

Most of these still lifes were filmed with the support of my wife Larisa. She loved to watch and help me in this work. In March 2016, she left us after the battle with cancer. Her love continues to live in these pictures


Still Life with Fruit and spilled Wine

Flowers of Dreams

Still Life with Broken Tulips

Still Life With Fruit

Still Life with Fruit and Red Currants

Still Life with Fish

Still Life with Partridges

Still Life with Plums

Still Life with Rhubarb

Once upon a time, in a far away land...

Still Life with Vegetables

Still Life with Clock

Still Life with Pumpkin

Still Life with Rose

Dandelions ship

The co-existing world


Fire Water and Glass

A Fairy Ballet

Le Bijou

Dandelion Light

Still life with Daisies

Still Life with Still Life

Water and Bread

Broken happiness ...

Still Life with Pomegranates

Still life with Irises

Still life with a flock of birds and one egg

Still life with Apple Shadow

Still life with dreaming roses

Still life With Sunflowers

Christmas caroling - memories from childhood