We have already been a team for years privately, and shared a passion for photography for an even longer time before that. During our joint worldwide travels, we always wanted to preserve what we experienced together.

In 2010, we decided to make our hobby into our profession. After Gerald successfully completed his training and got his professional photographer's certificate, we launched our project:

Since then, we have been spending just about every free minute we have with our cameras outside in nature. It can often take days until we have the perfect motif, lighted in just the right way. Our method for getting the perfect image, is first to recognize the right way to look at something beautiful, to have technical grasp of the right equipment, and time.

The digital equipment we used to begin with, has been exchanged, step-by-step, for medium- and large-format analog cameras.Our favorite cameras are the Sinar P2, the Toyo Field 45 AII, the Hasselblad 500 C/M, the Fuji 617 GX and our homemade pinhole camera. Landscapes, Cityscape and Still Lifes are our favorite motives. Photography is so much more than just pressing the button – it is a handicraft with thousands of possibilities, and every negative becomes something unique.

Developing the film in the darkroom is our reward at the end of a long day. Every picture we choose is then scanned at high resolution and digitally processed, so that we really enhance our pictures' expressive effect. For us, this is perfect photography.

It makes us happy, when you like our pictures. If you have any questions about individual works, printing procedures, or about our home page, we would be happy to answer them at any time.