Shannon Hartigan


Shannon Hartigan is an international award winning fine art landscape photographer based in Newcastle, Australia.

Completely self-taught, his career was conceived on a trip to the Northern Territory a decade ago.

Armed with a 35mm SLR, some rolls of Fuji Velvia and a tripod he started shooting and the passion was realised.

Landscape photography to Shannon is a re-connection with mother earth, 'it allows you stop and take it in and really appreciate it..

There's beauty all around us but most of us are too caught up with day to day life to notice, we all need to get out and re-connect every now and then..'

Shannon's equipment includes a Linhof Technorama 617slll medium format panoramic camera and Fuji Velvia 120 slide film.
Combined with a 72mm Super-Angulon XL lens which has an effective angle of view of 100 degrees, similar to the human eye.
Shannon also shoots digital using a Nikon d800e and various lenses.
Other equipment includes Induro tripods, Lee neutral density filters and an Fstop backpack