Sebastian Schlueter 1


The moment when photography came into my life, I found a way to express my deeper feelings that I encounter when those magnificent moments and scenarios unfold before my eyes. Photography changed my life, the way I feel, the way I see.

I dedicated my work to the lifetime challenge of capturing those extraordinary moments that move our hearts. For me, photography and the art of photography is a very subjective medium which develops its greatest impact when artistic decisions are made in order to to facilitate the photographers vision. Even though I am no travel photographer all my images are gathered from different parts of the world in a wide variety of form.

Photography is more than a technique, it is a form of art and has to be appreciated as one. While I am always striving for high quality work it is not the ultimate goal and image content is more important. Combining aesthetics with a great subject matter is a very powerful tool of communication and has to be used wisely.