Sanjay Tomar (b.1995) was born in a small village in India to be an Engineer. During his schooling he changed nine schools from village to metro cities. He credits variety in his work to the often movement in his life. He received his diploma in photography from photography school in Mumbai (2011-2013). He now lives and works independently in Surat, Gujarat. His photographic work functions as an objective documentation of space and beings coexisting in it. He started with photography, because he could not draw, so camera became his medium of expression.
He mainly works on creating staged and planned logistics, cinematic stylized scenarios to narrate fine art documentation in essay form. When he sees how his country and people are portrayed and perceived around the world, he feels only the half piece of story that people are presented with, the need to document in true form and presents the other form is necessary he feels.
He likes to travel and stay in small and remote access villages for longer durations and document their existence in close connection to globalisation. Sanjay has participated in many group exhibitions and currently is in final phase of his solo show for his series “Together yet isolated?”,Remote Rajasthan in Leica Gallery Warszawa He has won numerous national awards for photography and one international award in Europe recently.


Each other#1

Each other#2