Samiran Paul


Nestled in the lap of eastern Himalayas is this charming little town called Kalimpong where I was born. Growing up here, the place has grown on me and I cannot really describe in words how beautiful and bountiful nature here is with its ever-changing hues. This is what I believe is the infinite source of my inspiration in whatever I do. As a child, sketching and working with colours interested me. Over time, there has been a deliberate shift in trying to capture the endless beauty of my surroundings within a photo frame. Thus it is that my canvas today is the flora and fauna around me and the colourful lives of a multitude of distinct ethnic groups who are the original inhabitants of this place.

Coming from a modest background, the question of owning a camera as a child and pursuing photography as a hobby just did not arise. Much later, my father presented me with a basic Ricoh camera which I treasure to this day. But for the photographs here, what I am using is a Nikon D90 D-SLR.

Apart from teaching Physics at the Kalimpong Girls' Higher Secondary School, I have taken up freelance photo journalism contributing to the local media channels. My wife and my daughter have been very supportive of my passion for photography and are my best critics.

It’s not everyday that one gets to live his dream. However, I have been very fortunate to have pursued and lived my dreams. To me, photography is an expression of one’s creative mind. I have learnt much in the past few years and I must say that more of this learning has come from my failures than from my successes. It has been an interesting journey so far with a long road ahead. Learning and developing my art remains the motto.

There has been no lack of encouragement in the past three years. I was featured in the September, 2009 issue of the magazine Talk Sikkim and again recently in the English daily Bengal Post. Three of my still photography documentaries have been published so far and I was nominated for the Sony World Photography Organisation in 2011. My photographs have also found a place in national and international salons.
Some awards and recognitions have also come my way and there have been some exhibitions in Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmedabad, New York and Lishui ( China 15th International Photographic Art Exhibition 2013)


The kid ....

A begger


A showcase

Hey !

Top Advertise board says : This festive (dewali) season give the gift of education to a child !!

The school girls

The photographer

A view through window _In Vintage car rally

The Smiley

Victory includes several contributions


Secular ?

Protest !

Victory rally of MP (member of parliament)

Dance with grandma... in he marriage day

Marriage of Newar (pradhan) girl with wood-apple

His Holiness Dalai Lama

Basnet Rituals

Save fingers : lot work is at home too

God could not save the cross : Earthquake

The Ad

Basor Community : rituals

Violence on women shall not be tolerated


Ground nut seller

Water collection

View through window : Examination hall

Street_show : children collecting money by doing art in the street. Thisnight photo is captured by mobile phone

Merry Christmas !! be happy with little

Water Crisis In Hills.. rain water collection

Celebrating Independence day...

A salesperson in the street

Acrobat display for daily bread

Follow the middle path......