Roy Iwasaki


Born in Shibetsu City, Hokkaido in 1984.
Started photography in 2013, fascinated by the local scenery.
I'm a photographer who artistically expresses the familiar scenery of Hokkaido.
One work for the 2019 Chroniclebooks "Seasons of the Moon" publication.
Jan,2021 Fstoppers Photographer of the Month.
Dec,2021 BNW MINIMALISM MAGAZINE 32th Publication.
Dec,2021 Article published in Bored panda.


Silence evening

Bus stop




Snowscapes series

In the sunshine

Snowscapes series

Snowscapes series

In the Sunlight

Snowscapes series

Shining Hill

Autumn Pass

Golden wheat

Late autumn Morning

Frozen puddle

Couple Cherryblossom

Beautiful Tree

On the hill where the gentle wind blows

Ezo red fox was stretching out on the snowfield, looking comfortable.

Three Parties


Sheep on the Hill

Moon & Tree

Snowscapes -Shed-

Snowscapes -Alone-

Snowscapes -two-

River & Tree