My name is Romy and I was born in 1981 in Avila (Spain), but I lived in Zaragoza (Spain) my whole life. In 2013 my life changed, I'm starting a new stage in a new country, The Netherlands, particularly in the city of Nijmegen.
I studied Graphic Publicity in the School of Arts in my city (Zaragoza). Since I started with the analog photography I fell in love with photography, then I studied digital photography in a Photography School in the same city.
Now I try to work as a professional photographer , for that, I promote my photographic projects.
Spectrum Photography School, Zaragoza. 2009.
- Medium/Superior/Creative of Digital photography courses.
School of Fine Arts, Zaragoza. 2002.
- Higher Technician in Graphic Design (Advertising), with photography studies.


Week 1: Alive and Kicking

Week 2: black hole sun

Week 5: Hurricane

Week 9: Bohemian like you

Week 10: Breathe me

Week 16: Summertime sadness

Week 20: Connected

Week 23: All I need

Week 25: Rome wasn't built in a day

Week 26: Connected