Born & brought up in India Kolkata & now settled in Dubai for last 8 years. By profession I am an Interior architect. From early childhood I was into painting & music, used to see paintings from great artists & get inspired to make my own, I love all forms of art be it Music, Dance, Painting, Designing or Photography.
I am a versatile photographer who loves to shoot everything but more inclined into wildlife photography & cityscape have a keen interest in fine art photography too. I love to travel in jungles in search of those candid moments & spends sleepless night looking at the concrete jungles for 1 perfect shot. I never believe in out of the camera shot I portray what I visualize while taking an image, I believes in making an image not only in taking 1 & always likes to try different things.


The Connector

The Silence

The Marvels Of The Past


Gotham city

To The Light