Pierre Belenfant


Pierre Belenfant, french amateur photographer currently living in Paris.

I’ve been practicing photography as a self-taught since 2013. My vision is based on an aesthetic and philosophical sensitivity for black and white. Passionate about photography, I want to attempt at my amateur level to produce aesthetically pleasing photographies. Most of my photographies are characterised by strong contrasts and deep blacks with an enigmatic and dark atmosphere.


Mercy in Darkness 1/2

Les oiseaux de la Philharmonie 1/2

Les oiseaux de la Philharmonie 2/2

Mercy in Darkness 2/2



La Grille Royale

Le Colérique, Versailles


Escaliers à colimaçon

Ombre et lumière

Cathédrale de Tours

Cathédrale de Tours

Eiffel Tower