Scientist by training, Angelo has always had an interest in visual arts living in a family, mixed Italian and Dutch, that exposed him to the best of European art.
His education and interest in both biology and mathematics often draw him to the natural world. Yet he is also very much interested in the "human factor", as expressed in architecture, cityscapes, street life and cultural traditions.
The photographs presented here are a small selection of his portfolio, but you can found more about his varied interests on Flickr (, Instagram (, and order prints at:


The Modern Thinker

San Francisco Street Cubism

Beware the Road Monster


Covid Kiss

I Miss You


Daily Windows

California Riders

Ladies Who Lunch

Street Generation

Blowing Joy

Golden Boots

Made for Walking

You're Killing

Crowned Beauties

From Another Planet

Salon Reflections

Couples Distant on a Roof

Sun Catching on a Roof