I am Peiman Afnani, born on 17.11.1982 Tehran, Iran. Painting became a very outstanding hobby of mine as I was very young and for years I painted without having been systematically trained. For a month I happened to be able to take a painting course and that left a positive impact on my thoughts. For some reasons, I couldn’t manage to continue the course. For years, my only hobby turned out to be painting, reading the history of art and exploring various art approaches and once I found myself drowned in various philosophies of art and modern thoughts. Later, in search of spectacular themes, I got interested in photography with which I have a background in my father’s family and was acquainted as a child. However, although I had not felt such an interest in me till then, I started to notice a moving excitement in my soul; and that was the fulfilment of my visual sense. Due to limited family financial resources, I started to work in a company so that I earned enough money to buy a full-mechanic Russian camera. Every thing about photographing was fascinating, starting with placing the film inside and ending with developing the photos. In spite of my low salary, I spent all I had on buying photography films, developing my photos and buying photography books and I usually ended up with having no money for having fun or even buying new cloths. Then I got a new job on video editing which was low-paid again but could make me closer to what I sought. In the two years of video editing, I got closer to photography and -after parting from that team and joining another team where I did the same job more independently- I got to know a person who changed my life. He was my very teacher of photography: Babak Dabestani. He reformed all my theoretical knowledge of photography and comprehensively introduced me to the modern science of digital photography. After a while, he accepted me as a trainee and I was allowed to use his Advertising-Industrial Photography office full-time. This was my greatest opportunity to learn important things from him. In fact, he provided me with whatever he knew and I can easily claim that moments of being with him were like hours of taking classes. Unfortunately After two years of being trained and coached by Babak, he was killed in an accident. This was a great loss to me. I tried to provide myself with some complementary knowledge of the field and start advertising-industrial photography. This start brought me some good financial resources and, as ever, would help me to learn more on this difficult path; the path I never left. Meanwhile, reading online articles and exploring works of great photographers has brought me new ways and ideas; photography fans should pay attention to this. I hope I can once use this art for the purpose of bringing peace and love to the world.
Peiman Afnani,



Gone with the wind

Rest in beauty

Summer time





The last fruit







Dreamy point

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