Photographic Art and Philosophy. Social Commentary, both visual and verbal.
The roll of the photographer is that of a voyeur, never reaching his subject's soul, But for brief instances when the subject's heart is offered, only to be interpreted and re-created with a cross breeding of the image makers own soul.


Tattoo 2002 67-02-31

2009 49-09-16

Developer Test 90-99-31

IR from Shiny Series 3-08-6

The Blond Curl 18-00-31a

Something always comes next. 217-00-10a

Childhood Dreams 2-10-15-672

Abstract Environment 41-05-9

Puget Sound 12-19-14-144

Backlight Study 53-05-27


Torso Stretch 40-03-7

Minot Poet on the train West. 39-08-21

Flanders Farm Winter 2005--13-05-8

Rees Gordon Flagstaff Photographic Artist 2008

Oak Creek Canyon 43-08-6

Norwich 1-05-7a

Childhood The Brook- 11-06-53

Bobles and Glass-8-08-34

Magazine Rack-8-08-11

Self Portrait IR-2-07-36

80's Waitress

The War Continues

Low Key Figure Silver Gelatin Print

Low Key Torso Study Silver Gelatin

Layered Life Portfolio 2014 Olympia Wa

Legs 2015 Old School Pizza Olympia Wa.

Ocean Shores Wa. 7/2015

Driftwood Tumwater Wa. 2015

Tree Legs Feb 2015