The multiple images of one specific subject, give me an opportunity to tell an image story beyond the meaning of the subject itself
My fascination of detail and collections goes back to my early years. As an artist i am known for my conceptional ideas and presentations.
I thinks both in different dimensions, visualizing some order in my chaotic world.
I use many diverend media to create my work, but my work mainly consists of unique edition prints of installations. The photo images of my work do not show its full potential, the structure, the 3D effects and feeling of it. For that you must see the work it self. So come to an exhibit or to my studio.


portraits di vongole 44001r

portraits do polpo 140001r

portraits of Xballs 140001r

portraits of peter 14001

portraits of hunger 10001

portraits of bananas 140001r

portraits of music 10001