Pavel Gospodinov


Pavel Gospodinov is a travel, cultural and documentary photographer/videographer with passion for story telling.

Pavel has an extensive background in non-government and international development sectors with about 10 years of experience in managing, supervising and consulting for large projects and programs. For the last 5 years he has been working in parallel on documentary photography projects, which he perceives as a natural extension to his work in the non-government and development sectors.

Pavel’s documentary work focuses on social, environmental and cultural issues and subjects like brick, ship-breaking and tea production industries in Bangladesh, slums and poverty in Bangladesh and also on themes that communicate a strong sense of place and cultural awareness. Pavel’s photo/video projects often reflect his background in non-government and international development and explore issues related to the human condition and natural world.

Recently Pavel started to work more intensively with video and multimedia, combining photography, audio, video, and the web. For the future that will become a significant part of his visual story telling projects.

Currently Pavel’s image archive contains more than 2,500 selected photos, mostly from Bangladesh, Egypt, Morocco, India, Bulgaria, and Europe.

Pavel has been always in search of a visual language to enhance human development with emphasis on cultural identities, inequality and environment.

Pavel is available for commission for photographic, multimedia, and filming projects, anywhere in the world.