Pascal Mannaerts 1


Pascal Mannaerts was born in Brussels in 1978. He studied law at the Free University of Brussels and is currently working with asylum seekers in Belgium.
Blessed with an artistic bent and wanderlust, he discovered photography during his student years. Sharing and recording his travel adventures became a priority. A first visit to India in 2000 revealed a deep admiration for the Subcontinent and he returned for a one-year visit at the end of his university studies in India and across Southeast Asia. This is the first of many return engagements.
Backpacking to Asia, Africa, Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East during the last 15 years has given Pascal the opportunity to portray humanity in its strongest forms. Curiosity and a passion for images have been fused with a profound attraction to the human element.
Pascal is a self-taught photographer with publication credits in Geo Magazine, the Lonely Planet, le Guide du routard, and other European magazines. Several exhibitions of his pictures were held in Europe, Brazil and India. A part of his work can be seen on his website