Olivier Borson 1


Olivier was Born in 1963 in France (Lyon). He has lived on Reunion Island (France), close to Madagascar, since 2004.
In his photography, Olivier combines his need for travel and open spaces, his talent to recognize compassion within others and his love for photography.
Olivier has traveled extensively throughout India and South East Asia with his mentor, Steve McCurry. From Steve, Olivier has learned how to capture the diversity and dignity within his subjects and how to recognize the ‘fleeting, unguarded moment’ so important in photography. He is fascinated by far away cultures and dedicates himself to immersing into their traditions and daily life, capturing a true and noble portrait.


Man drinking opium at the traditional opium ceremony in the village of Ahore

Shepherd smoking at the opium ceremony

Shepherd at the opium ceremony

Sadhu at the door old an old train

Sadhus talking in the street

Shopkeeper in Jaipur

Men playing "carrom" in Jaipur

Muslim shopkeepers in Jaipur

Typical classroom

Young boy in front of the blackboard

Typical man of Rajasthan and his turban

An other Typical local people of Rajasthan

Young girl

Young girl with caring a pot

young widow

young girl at the temple

young boy proud of his rooster

typical street view in the Rajasthan village in the evening

little boy crying and trying to open a door

Indian train and its passengers