Nina Staff


I have a huge passion for photogrgraphy, and prefer to use my filmbased Hasselblad camera. It is the best way for me to describe how the world looks like to me. My world is therefore often black and white.

My base is in Oslo. I am attracted to the northern light, and love to go further north, all the way up to the polar circle, to catch the fabulous light up there.
My passion for landscape photogrgraphy altso brings me to central and southern Europe, to endure 3 or 4 weeks of hiking, in the Pyrenees , along the way of St. James, or in the south of France.

I have launched myself into a long lasting photo project about remembrance, or creating memories. My starting point is the old photographs of my family, I try to recreate my ancestors lives. I do not have many memories, therefore I create them.

I do other projects, like self portraits an still life.