Nico van Dijk


"Photographs are footprints of our minds, mirrors of our lives, reflections from our hearts, frozen memories that we can hold in silent stillness in our hands -- forever if we wish. They document not only where we have been, but also point the way to where we might perhaps be heading, whether or not we realize this yet ourselves..."

Nico van Dijk, *1960 the Netherlands. A traveller always on the road.

He is an autodidact, passionate photographer who still embraces the analogue way of producing images.
Film has soul, depth and warmth.
In the archaic way of Pinhole Photography he can create his own world and make his dreams come true.
The longer the shutter speed, the more time and space seem to be combined into a single image.


Giant Egg

The Haque

Industrial 1


Feeding the pigeons

Brave woman

Dancing shadows

The Pier. 6x6 analog on Ilford PanF50 with ND106

Night in Thailand, 6x6 analog

Beach Oostende

Aquaduct, Pinhole 69

Depth, Pinhole 6x6

Drowned land, Pinhole Wide 6x6

Harbour Hamburg, 6x6 Ektar