Napie Moksin


Napie Moksin was born in Malaysia and already managed to turn professional less than 2 year's.. With his granted eye of ART, he starts in this industry since 2007 with ‘zero knowledge’ in photography.He is into artistic,art classic,underwater studio and fine art. His motivation was to do something different and unusual than what other people have done and he loves to try new things and desire to be a ‘Master of Creative Lighting’ aided by the passion of arts in photography. Today,Napie Moksin is known not only as a photographer but as a Creative Artist,Wedding and Underwater Studio photographer and people secure his for services for the unique way he is able to capture special moments. Only within 3 years Napie has photographed high profile portraits including Dynas Mokhtar,Awal Ashaari,Eily Mazlein,Faradhiya,Neelofa,Zahnita Wilson,Faralyna Idris,Azah Yazmin(ex-host 3R),Julfekar Ahmad(Composer,Lyricist),Millennium Art artiste,MAHARAJA(ex-search,xpdc,slam,def gab c),Dr Tengku Asmadi(Motivator),VIP etc. He became the official photographer for celebrity and others public figure weddings such Dynas Mokhtar,Tam Spider and among a top Malaysian composer,Azlan Abu Hasan. His work has been publish in several local and international magazines as well as exhibited in the national art gallery,Dhaka Bangladesh. His work also appearance of "Underwater Studio Photography" as a front page in Santai Travel magazine that breaks the tradition of the magazine publishing in Malaysia. His the first Malaysian photographer who did the Underwater Studio photoshoot in the Freshwater Aquarium,National Science Centre,Mont Kiara and Putrajaya Lake.A tv program such Majalah 3 and Ariana TV Al Hijrah has made coverage of his underwater studio and has been published in the year Nov 2011 and 2013.