Mark Hannah


Originally an oil painter, Mark was inspired by the color and spatial distortions of vintage photography and their effect on how we understand the subject. Mark works with vintage film cameras, expired films, false color films and development processes to render the subject not as it's experienced but as it may be remembered.


Primitive Forest

Looking Back at Twin Peaks

Boardwalk Structure


Lion Toys

Zoo Garden

Desert Beneath a Fire

Desert Diorama

Abandoned Boat

Iguana Sunning

Cemetery Egret

Red Mangrove Lights

Red Mangrove Reflection

Red Mangrove from Annes Beach

Abandoned Rail

In a Mineral Sea

Mission and Blue Sky

Boardwalk Morning Light

View from Hemminways Porch

Key West Cemetery Lights

Storm over Little Duck Key

Lion Enclosure

Joshua Trees in Fire Smoke

Storm Brewing

Angel in Key West