Mats Reslow


I am a photographer living in Sweden on the countryside outside the city of Malmö. I have been creating mostly abstract paintings all my life but have now the recent year found a passion for photography.

In my own photography landscapes, waterscapes, cityscapes, and still life – are my main fields of interest. Some of inspirational photographers are Jack Spencer, Shōji Ueda, Michael Kenna.

I like simple and minimalistic compositions. Most of my photos are in black and white but sometimes also in muted colours.

As I live in a rural part of Skåne most of my landscape photos are taken from there. Skåne has also a long beautiful coastline where I take seascape photos. The cities of Malmö and Copenhagen offer many possibilities for cityscapes and architectural photos.


Harvest Time

Bales on Hill

Viken Beach

March Morning

An Ocean Between Us

Wave Breakers

Bella Sky

Sea Post


Copenhagen Towers

Along the Watchtower

Channel Entrance

Great Belt Bridge

Endless Blue



South Side of the Sky


Autumn leaves

Crosswalk II

Copenhagen Towers II

For a While

London City Study IV