Markus Studtmann 2


Markus Studtmann is a fine art photographer living and working in Berlin. He has a passion for architecture and playing around with its structures to recreate the underlying geometry. He loves the process of finding the perfect composition, the sound of good music and the smell of tasty coffee in the air.


kafkas world I

kafkas world II

kafkas world III

prague I

prague II

prague III

floorchanger I

floorchanger II

floorchanger III

vertigo I

vertigo II

vertigo III

tetris I

tetris II

tetris III

nonconformity I

nonconformity II

nonconformity III

dichotomy I

dichotomy II

dichotomy III

facades I

facades II

facades III

underground I

underground II

underground III

holistic city I

holistic city II

holistic city III