Mark Pursglove


I am a working class lad from West Yorkshire, born in Dewsbury, 1964 and grew up in a semi- rural village called Middlestown, Wakefield. Growing up during the 60’s and 70’s I was exposed to and inspired by the DIY ethics of the punk movement, which seemed to bode well with the dark satanic mills which were my surroundings. I wanted to be a musician and even played in a band or two.

Music is good for the soul and always thought it to be me my primary passion that is until I discovered the inspiring world of photography. Started off with a phone camera and found myself viewing the landscape around me as I had never seen it before. There’s something to behold in them Yorkshire hills and surrounding counties.

A mate of mine sold me an Olympus E450 December 2012 and I couldn’t wait to get started. I enjoy the challenge of the shot and the feeling of elation when the end product captures the emotion you were feeling at that moment when your finger pushed the button.

I have no formal qualifications or letters after my name just the inspiration and the desire to get out there and take pictures people will enjoy and perhaps feel motivated to come and see for themselves.

Keep watching for the website.


Moody skies.

Ramsden Resevoir.

Zoom Burst.

Angular Fencing.

Holme Moss.

Road to Derbyshire.




Castle Hill.

Castle Hill 2.

Bench with a view.

Castle Hill 3.


Knaresborough Castle.

Bridge in mono.

Broken lamp.


Gulls in solw-mo.


Haworth cemetary.

Poles on the moor.

Resting place.

Dead leaves on the dirty ground.