Marco Di Gianvito


Photographer // Traveler


Pink beach

Salt mountain light

Waves in the sky

Sweet dreams


Somewhere on the west coast of Bonaire

Selling coconuts on Calle Ocho, Little Havana, Miami

Solar salt works, Bonaire

Invisibles, Bonaire

Salt lake, Bonaire

Francisco Speck Silveira, saxophonist - La Habana, Nov 2013

A passing storm

Red Beryl, Bonaire

Percusiones en el Callejon Hamel - La Habana, Cuba

Habaneros - La Habana, Cuba

Eduardo J. Sandoval Ferrer, trombonist - La Habana, Cuba

Sira (76), cuentapropista (self-employed), selling coffee in her front yard - La Habana, Cuba

Juan (58), cuentapropista (self-employed), real estate broker on a public bench in Paseo del Prado - La Habana, Cuba

Clouds running over Pico (Azores)

Breaking in (Azores, Sao Miguel)

United we stand, divided we fall (Azores, Pico)

A busy Monday (Azores, Pico)