Marco Maljaars


Amateur photographer and actually working in the aviation industry. Photographing is a hobby, although it's my hobby I want to achieve professional results. Especially in B&W and Long Exposures. The most I like of the LE technique is the ability to create everyday objects in surrealistic art pieces. Where clouds changing in the most beautiful lines and patterns, water changes in silky surfaces and were people are changing in ghosts. Together with post processing I want to create that moody, serene feeling for the viewer.

Enjoy my photos and take care.



At Sea

Beijing Delivery

Cloud Maker

Dive Into Your Dream

Find My Way

From Nowhere

Frozen Light


Light Behind The Hills

Lonely Ride

Piazza dei Miracoli part I - Battistero di San Giovanni

Piazza dei Miracoli part II - Cattedrale di Pisa


Simplicity I

Simplicity II

The LIghthouse

Thinking About You

To Another World

To My World

To Nowhere

Waiting For The Season

On our own

On the rocks

Simplicity III

Y v v

Summer Tetris