Maciej Leszczynski 1


Maciej Leszczynski – born 1986 in Elblag, Poland. Currently lives and works in Sopot on the Baltic coast. Self taught photographer, specialising mainly in landscape, cityscape and fine art photography. Often uses long exposure technique photographing in poor lighting or with use of strong neutral density filters. His photrographies are pure in form, have an impeccable composition and are moody, calm and still.

Artist Statement:

“From the moment I released the shutter for the first time photography to me became more than just a hobby. It is mostly an individual way of looking at the world, observing reality through the prism of frame and composition. The difference between what one sees in reality and what can be seen in a picture, which can be considered a glimpse of the world captured by a photographer, is fascinating. When taking pictures I try to go beyond the boundries of a human eye and capture the flow of time. What I find most interesting in photography is capturing light, composition and documenting a given part of the world in my own way. I take with me the places I photograph, forever present on my pictures. Each of them is unique. The moment it has been captured in will never repeat itself. And that, to me, is the essence of photography.“


Winter Tree, 2010

Into the Light, 2009

Forgotten City, 2009

Patiently Waiting, 2009

Romeo and Juliet, 2009

Baltic Stones, 2009

Cumulus, 2009

The Green Bridge of Wales, UK, 2013

High Tatras, Tatra Mountains, 2013

Hillside Trees, Tatra Mountains, 2013

In Flames, Tatra Mountains, 2013

Kynance Cove, UK, 2012

La Defense, Study 4, Paris, France, 2012

Marine Eye, Study 1, Tatra Mountains, 2010

Pembrokeshire Coast, UK, 2013

Rooftops, Study 2, Paris, France, 2012

Salisbury Cathedral, Study 1, UK, 2013

Western Tatras, Tatra Mountains, 2013

Winchester Cathedral, Study 1, UK, 2013

Black Pond Falls, Tatra Mountains, 2010

Elektra, Wistman's Wood, 2013

Elegug Stacks, Study 3, UK, 2013

Frozen, 2009

Monkstone, UK, 2013

Pier's End, 2011

Rig, 2013

Stonehenge, UK, 2013

Versailles garden, Study 1, Paris, France, 2012

Black Church Rock, Study 1, UK, 2013

Icescape I, 2011