Loredana Mantello


Not being able to express through writing or painting, photography was the only way I could exhibit my state of mind & emotions.
It all started when I was in my 20’s and had gone to America (Boston) to work as an assistant in a dark room laboratory. Since then, I discovered my passion & desire for photography through which I took forward by participating in workshops with worldwide well-known photographers. Photography now is my profession working between Europe and middle east .
I have great interest in fine art photography. I studied Caravaggio, a 17th century Italian painter who created new revolutionary painting techniques with deep contrasts of light and dark that give majesty and harmony to the subjects. In my last work I have used same effects. It is called ‘Chiaroscuro ‘an Italian word which means Light and Dark. My work has been showcased worldwide and has captured the attention of the public through several exhibitions. The Museum Trastevere in Rome, the XVA gallery in Dubai, VCU in Qatar, The Bahrain National Museum, Waqif gallery in Qatar, The National Museum in Riyadh, to name a few. One solo exhibition in Italy and one is Bahrain will take place in Autumn