Many years loving the wildlife and 25 years making photos
I like many different kinds of photographies and techniques


Leopard in Kruger (South Africa)

Eating a young Impala

Black monkey in N.P. Arusha (Tanzania)

The Little Gull in Salats i Muntanyans (Catalonia)

Mangoose with thermite in Kruger

Sunset in Kruger

Playing in Kruger

Lioness at Sunrise in Etosha (Namibia)

Lioness in Etosha (Namibia)

Young boy Nyangatom's tribe (Etiopia)

Testing IR with Hasselblad

Tersting IR with Nikon

The Mursi people (Etiopia)

Six fingers (Etiopia)

Thinking in Tanzania

The young giraffe in Serengueti

Walking at night in Luangwa (Zambia)

Evening walking toward the lions in Zambia

Walking toward the Buffalos in Zambia

Genetta in El Pinetell (Catalonia)

Sunset in Serengueti

Walking with Rhinos in Swazilandia

Boys Nyangatom

Butterfly in Delta de l'Ebre (Catalonia)

Hamer people at Jumping Bulls (Etiopia)

The Blue hour in Delta de l'Ebre

Sunrise in Delta de l'Ebre (Catalonia)

Snow Leopard in Ladack (India)

Ranthambore (India)

Lynx in Spain

Carmine bee-eater

Wild Dogs

White baboon

Leopard cub

Luangwa's crocodile