Victor Liu 1


I am a nature photographer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


A cyclist is riding in the light, in the colourful season of Acadia

Standing on the cliff, watching the magic waterfall and the remote gorge, there are endless of water, mist, and greens, until they blend into the dramatic sky, I was in the mood of

I set up a tent on top of Bow summit, and walked away, looking at the lake and its surrounding mountains, time went by, and stars on the sky formed thousands of trails. I kinda captured this image by my mind instead of my camera, cool as always, :-) have a good night, Peyto lake.

It was a super long day hiking all the way to rockbound lake and climbing to the high point, both me and my dad were extremely exhausted. We set up our tent on a cliff side, and then my dad just sat there, watching the milky way far far away.

sunrise over mount Assiniboine

A sunrise sensation in Banff national park