I grew up being driving crazy by my father as he always had a camera in my face. It's part of my heritage. My great-great grandmother was a photographer in Montana at the turn of the 20th century. I was given my first camera around the age of 16. Then, suddenly, I was the one with the camera in people face.


Station 18: In their downtime, firefighters keep fit by doing PT.

Station 18: A fire captain keeps an accident victim calm as they prepare to extract her from her wrecked vehicle.

Station 18: On the way to a call.

Station 18: Fighting two fully engulfed apartments. The firefighter who is in the wall of flames was burned quite severly in this fire as he made entry, as captured in this image.

Station 18: Two fire captains discuss with a new captain who was in charge of a fire for the first time, why he made the tactical decisions he did.