Laércio de Menezes 1


Born in the city of Bagé – state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Laércio began his work in the area of visual communication during the 80’s participating in the traditional Photography Course at the SENAC school. With the passage of time and in order to improve the techniques already applied in his various works, during the 90’s, when he lived in the United States, studied several disciplines with different approaches on Photography in Orange Coast College (California).
Back to Rio Grande do Sul, between 2003 and 2009, he was a lecturer in n the Photography Course of the Lutheran University of Brazil (ULBRA) and the University of Caxias do Sul. Currently he is dedicated to Photography Fine Art, with a double look: The classic and the contemporary


Beyond the Horizon


Foams Floating

Ghost Boat



Solitary Rock

Stone Church


The Sea Led

Whispers of the Sea and Stones

Wood Pier #2


The Lighthouse

India Head


Friar's Hat

Mother River Flowing Into the Sea

To the Sea

Left Foot

Jetty #1

View of Organ Mountain

Shadows in the Sand