Kostas Petrakis


I was born in Athens / Greece, from my early childhood years I always remembered myself charmed by the beauty of nature, whether this was about animals, landscapes or adventures I always loved to participate in outdoor activities.
Although many years had to pass to realize that photography was actually a passion for me, I used to occasionally capture moments of life like most people do, that was until 2006 when a friend of mine introduced me to the magical world of digital photography. The fact that I no longer had to spend money on developing films and that I could immediately view and process files just let the spark inside my soul to get more involved in this adventure.
Since 2006 I have been exploring the world of photography, I had to only make a few captures to realize that my passion for photography was moving towards landscapes, the idea of capturing the beauty and essence of life fascinated me and it reached its climax after I started studying the masters of photography.
Although a few years have gone since I started my photographic adventures, I still feel equally (and even more) passionate about it, the process of landscape photography and all of the small details included in the package are the ones that enchant you. I can actually admit that through landscape photography I was able to reach closer to nature, to study, understand her and finally feel and praise its glory. Being involved with this category, led me to get more into outdoor activities and prefer isolated – rather than cosmopolitan – destinations.
I am not a professional nor an advanced photographer, I am just as equally passionate with anyone else sharing the above feelings about nature, I do have a full time job as a network engineer which is the source of my main income and the “economic” force that allows me to still enjoy my passion.
I live in a country with thousand years of history and a great variety of different natural landscapes that are rarely explored in photographic terms, this gives us (to me and a few fellow photographers) the opportunity to enjoy the “virgin”, photographically speaking, landscapes of Greece
If you are interested in nature photography, and you drawn by her don’t let it go, it is a unique opportunity to partially understand the glory of life and find your inner peace.


Glen Coe sunrise / Scotland

Glen Coe / Scotland

Glen Affric / Scotland

Meteora / Greece

Sligachan / Scotland

Quirang / Scotland

Sligachan / Scotland