Kelly McCann


Fine art, urban photographer with a passion for the creative capture of the built environment.

Honourable Mentions received in Monochrome Photography Awards, International Photography Awards, ND Awards and Monovision Awards for 2017.


Lung Wui Road

Tim Mei Avenue

Salisbury Road

Salisbury Garden

6 Bayfront Avenue

1 Fraser Street

2 Tim Mei Avenue

209 Des Voeux Road Central

2 Queen's Road Central

1 Jackson Road

78 Shenton Way

161 Millbank

1 HarbourFront Walk

Sentosa Gateway

22 Guanghua Road

1 Connaught Place

18 Eastern Street North

15-17 Woosung Street

10 Salisbury Road

Tim Wa Avenue

173-175 Shanghai Street

333 Canton Road

2-3 O'Brien Road

Kansu Street

201 Renmin Avenue

Lockhart Road

San Francisco Club

2-20 Paterson Street

20 Lung Wah Street

27 Chatham Road South

105 Belchers Street

239 Jaffe Road

981 Kings Road