Kelly Burgess


Born in 1986. After 17 years in Connecticut and a brief stint in central Virginia, Kelly moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 2006 to attend college. Between those three states, she has moved 14 times. Kelly received her BFA from the Art Institute of Boston in 2009 and has recently completed a Master's program in 2013. For the time being, she continues to live and work in Boston.

Kelly picked up a camera in 2002. She was originally drawn to photography as a way to document everything she saw and felt was worth remembering and sharing. This has unconsciously carried on throughout her 11 years of making photographs.

While not photographing, Kelly is also a baker, an indoor gardener, a web designer, and an avid reader. She prefers to travel by foot or by car. Having gained more confidence in the ability of her hands to create things, you can sometimes find her drawing or painting. One of her favorite things to do is host dinner parties.


Baby Bird

Not Crazy



Peace Offering


Wild Desert - Boston, MA.

Butterfly Habitat - Jamaica Plain, MA.

Blue Spruce - South Windsor, CT.

Farm, Winter

Greenhouse, Spring