Josephine Cardin


Josephine Cardin is a fine arts photographer based in Rochester, NY.
Having started as a dancer she discovered photography in her teen years and has never stopped creating art. Primarily focusing on black and white photography, Josephine lives to experiment with many subjects, aiming to capture the essence and genuine beauty of people, places or things.

All Images © Josephine Cardin Photography


Bailaora 1

Bailaora 2

Verdurous Musing 1

Forlorn Echo 3

Verdurous Musing 3

Verdurous Musing 4

Suspended 1

Suspended 3

Wistful Sentiment 1

Wistful Sentiment 2

Wistful Sentiment 3

Wistful Sentiment 4

Bailaora 3

The Garden of Eve 1

The Garden of Eve 2

The Garden of Eve 3

Monochromatic Seduction 1

Monochromatic Seduction 2

Monochromatic Seduction 3

Monochromatic Seduction 4

In A Glasshouse 1

In A Glasshouse 2

In A Glasshouse 3

In A Glasshouse 4

This Loneliness 1

This Loneliness 2

This Loneliness 3

Nevermore 1

Nevermore 2

Nevermore 3

Nevermore 4