Jim Haas 1


Known for his strong-contrast black-and-white images, Jim Haas is now more focused on full tonal range images with strong composition for fine art photography. For many years, he worked exclusively in black-and-while film: “When I looked through my viewfinder,” Jim recalls, “I only saw black and white, contrast and brightness, but no color.” Well, Jim has returned to b/w after a 5 - 6 year hiatus into color photography.
In 2016 Jim made the switch to the mirrorless Fujifilm X-T2 and now has greater ability to push his creativity and produce creative and stimulating b/w fine art photography. His long exposure architectural photography begins with research on building locations and heights, weather, sunset/sunrise times, making his images more creative and dramatic.
Jim’s Como Lo Veo (“How I See It”) www.comoloveo.net web site lets him share his expanding portfolio with the world and offers you an opportunity to enjoy his limited-edition photographic artwork.


Phoenix Financial Center - Phoenix, AZ.

Souper Salad - Phoenix, AZ.

The Luhrs Building -Phoenix,AZ.

2100 Ross - Dallas, TX.

The Drever - Dallas, TX.

Ross Tower - Dallas, TX.

Bank of America Financial Center - Dallas, TX.

Energy Plaza - Dallas, TX.

Century Link Tower - Phoenix, AZ.

Tempe Town Lake - Tempe, AZ.

Yavapai County Courthouse - Prescott, AZ.

Route 66 - Peach Springs, AZ.

Waiting for a Load - Congress, AZ.

Classic Motors - Congress, AZ.

This Old Church - Yarnell, AZ.

Route 66 - Seligman, AZ.

Peeples Valley School - Peeples Valley, AZ.

New Orleans Skyline - NOLA

Dueling Buildings - Dallas, TX.