Jesse Cudworth


My passion for capturing stories through photography in the restaurant industry is deeply rooted in my experience as a chef. Through my work, I have developed a profound understanding and admiration for the artistry and dedication that goes into creating memorable dining experiences.


Cyrus entrance in Alexander Valley

Harbor House Inn kitchen view of the coast

Cabbage at farmer's market in Santa Monica

Romanesco in close up detail

Dining room at the Farmhouse Inn

Dry aging fish in walk-in

Hanging artwork above the bar at Pabu in San Francisco

Bedroom with view of ocean on Mendocino Coast

Kiln dining room in San Francisco

Kiln hallway in San Francisco

Kiln chef waiting for service

Beautiful light shining through into dining room at Kiln in San Francisco

Chef concentrating

Chefs in kitchen

Plating food at Kiln

Fresh stone fruit bowl at Folktable in Sonoma

Chef at the pass at In Bloom in San Luis Obispo

The pass at In Bloom in San Luis Obispo

Chefs prepping for service at Nama in Ashland, OR

James Beard award winning chef portrait

Chefs busy in kitchen

Portrait of a cook

Overlooking the Mendocino Coast

Looking out over the ocean