James Wigger 2


Perfection is not the goal. I have found that what I am looking for is chaos. Maybe it isn’t really chaos, but the introduction of elements that I have little control over. Mood, emotion and texture tend to be my main goals. I’ve always wanted my photos to appear to have been lost, beaten and worn relics from an earlier age. My photographic work tends to dwell in either the realms of dark or light. I’m not usually interested in pretty poses, nor making anyone look beautiful. It is more about implied emotion or a feeling. Mystery to me, as in all things, is the preferred method of telling a story. Letting people use their imagination to fill in the gaps appeals to me so much more than telling a complete story.

What truly got me into photography was instant film, most notably the long lamented Polaroid film. Being able to manipulate processes has always been at the center of my love affair with instant film. Due to its ever dwindling supplies though I having been shooting more and more with expired film. With both the liquid-like instant film and the chaos of expired film I am presented with the necessary challenges of serendipity and chance to deal with.

All images here have been shot using large format, either 4 x 5 or 8 x 10, while using Photoshop as my digital darkroom. I also keep my ideas in-camera, rather than pieced together digitally.