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Jackie Hardt previously worked in front of the camera before she successfully switched sides.
She specialises in faces: celebrity portraits and beauty shots are her main field, as well as fashion. Jackie captures still and motion photography.

Her recent work for her fashion clients and celebrities have featured in Elle, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Schön!, Stern and many other magazines around the globe.

Jackies pictures have been presented in art galleries in Germany and the Brian Adams Studio during Paris fashion week as well as at the German embassy in co-operation with Schön! Magazine for london´s fashion week in September 2011.

Jackie has done beautiful charity work for Oxfam and an award winning hard cover release on portraying women with a breast cancer history for a pink ribbon project which is highly press featured and shown in galleries all over Europe.

She has been in demand to teach photography and electronic imaging to bachelor and master classes at Media Design Hochschule in Munich.

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Specialties: Beauty,Fashion, Portrait, motion

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