Hugues HARDY


Nha Trang, Vietnam - rice vendor asleep in a hammock over her market stall.

Somewhere in Thailand - a buddhist monk asleep on the train.

Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand - a woman sleeps on a granite bench with her handbag as a pillow.

Bangkok, Thailand - a man takes a quick nap between pillars at the entrance of Hualamphong train station.

Bangkok, Thailand - couple of street vendors take a nap on the pavement before working at the evening market.

Bangkok, Thailand - a man sleeps face down on a delivery trolley under a tree by a canal.

Bangkok, Thailand - monk with unwrapped robe asleep on a wooden bench at the train station.

Bangkok, Thailand - a buddhist monk sleeps on the train station's marble floor before his train arrives.

Bangkok, Thailand - man takes a nap on a bench at the train station.

Bangkok, Thailand - man lying down on newspapers put on the train station's marble floor.

Bangkok, Thailand - a security officer got asleep on a chair at the train station.

Bangkok, Thailand - an old lady takes rest on a bench at the train station.

Bangkok, Thailand - a young man got asleep at a table on the street after drinking coffee and energy drinks.

Bangkok, Thailand - young woman takes a nap behind the train station's pillars.

Bangkok, Thailand - worker takes a little nap on a wooden bench at the train station.

Georgetown-Penang, Malaysia - a man sleeps on a piece of carboard put on the pavement.

Georgetown-Penang, Malaysia - old lady asleep on the pavement and white cat scratching her blouse.

Georgetown-Penang, Malaysia - a man got asleep on cardboard he put in the hole of a carved dead tree.

Georgetown-Penang, Malaysia - Muslim man asleep on a concrete bench.

Georgetown-Penang, Malaysia - man lying down on pieces of cardboard in a stairway.

Georgetown-Penang, Malaysia - lady asleep at a table in her little shop.

Jogyakarta, Indonesia - rickshaw driver takes a break between two trips.

Jogyakarta, Indonesia - a man takes a public nap on a mat at the bird market.

Jogyakarta, Indonesia - an old man takes some rest on the pavement.

Kratie, Cambodia - a kid takes a little nap under a fruit stall on the pavement.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - old man asleep on a street bench with his dental appliance going out of his mouth.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - young woman sleeps in front of the entrance of a supermarket.

Melaka, Malaysia - a toilet attendant got asleep on his chair.