Jason Henthorne 1


Jason Henthorne is an international award-winning photographer who has mastered a unique approach in capturing the intersection of ocean and earth to create tranquil waterscape and landscape images.

Henthorne has an extensive travel résumé to remote locations around the globe every year to capture his high contrast, long exposure black and white photographs.

Henthorne’s evocative work stems from eliminating variables of light direction, tide and composition to then only fine tune his approach once on location. Nature and complexities of the weather become the arbiters of success vs. failure. Successful imagery comes not from serendipity, but from research long before the travel to a distant location.

Originally from the Midwest but based in Tampa, Florida since 1994, Henthorne’s journey has taken him from the torrid heat of the United Arab Emirates to frosty shores of the English channel. From the crystal gin colored waters of the golden triangle in the Pacific to the middle of the Indian Ocean to explore the Maldives and Seychelles. His limited edition foto artworks are featured in many private collections all over the world.


Bridge to NoWhere

Middle of SomeWhere

Sleeping Dragon

Last Visitor

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Tired Warriors

Rock Hatchery I

Hurry Up

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Too Late to Leave