Henry Berry


Henry Berry’s style of photography comes from his mastery of the fine art of black and white photography and a deep personal connection with his subject matter. Although his work is influenced by such artist as Walker Evans, Ansel Adams, Alfred Stiglitz, and Clarence John Laughlin, he has developed his own unique style.
His work has been recognized with various shows and awards including three Honorable Mentions at the IPA Lucie awards

I am drawn to landscapes that exist at the convergence of, and are influenced by, both nature and man. Within that realm, my primary interests lie in the quiet and restrained agricultural landscapes and shoreline waterscapes. I strive for a stark, brooding effect, to evoke the sense of America's wide open spaces, even in the densest of surroundings.
These sparsely populated areas, with their quiet and compelling beauty often go unappreciated, even by those who live on, and work with the land. In keeping with the aesthetic of the land, my goal is to produce images with an understated emotional depth and a quiet dignity that emerges when reality is confronted head-on.
Because I believe form and texture are the most important elements of these scenes, I work almost exclusively in black and white. Despite having embraced digital technologies, I am a purist at heart with an honest approach to my subjects. And, while having almost infinite control over my images, I try to limit my image enhancements to those available in the traditional darkroom.