Gil Hadani


Gil Hadani was born in Israel 1961. During his Industrial Design studies, he was first introduced to photography on 1983 at his father press agency IPPA. After a short career as a playground and graphic designer he started his own way as a freelance photographer on 1989, combining photojournalism with PR photography-Hard news (Gulf war 1990, which also exhibited in the Hilton communication center), portraits, reportage, performing arts and sport works for various daily and weekly publications among them The Jerusalem Post newspaper and Magazines, Haaretz, several theaters and more. 1992 is a big leap as he moved to Sydney Australia exposing to deferent approaches in photography, joining workshops in various lighting and studio techniques, sport and stock photography, the international photography markets.
In Australia Gil covered events such as Prince Charles and Pope visits, bush fires, Tennis open, Golf open, 1993 Motorcycle GP, he represented since 1994 in Japan by AFLO and in Australia by PLA. Other clients were included: The Australian Opera, Sydney dance company, Bengara Dance group, Who weekly magazine, Galaxy TV, and various corporations.
After returning back to Israel on 1995 Gil founded Allpix photo agency with 14 photographers and agencies represented. Gil deals with Editorial photography (travel, photojournalism, sport, stock, celebrities, performing arts). As well as Commercial photography (studio/location, corporate, PR, advertising). International clients includes: CML magazine, Institutional Investor magazine, Orbit magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, BMC software, Vagabond Sweden, FT, CNN, UBS Warberg, AFLO Japan, Vanity Fair magazine and more. Having a world wide reputation Gil was invited to take part in the international project “ A Day in Estonia” September 1999.
Gil works as an official photographer for the foreign Affairs ministry since 1998, and NGOs such the Avraham fund and the Citizens' Accord Forum.
Assignments are welcomed, research in Allpix 100k pictures files available, digital tech. available. reliable, responsive, attentive, can meet tight deadlines. He has a unique way to tell a story by images.
Gil’s excellence is in his way to combine shapes and colors in the frame as well as the way the photos absorb the viewer to study them.