I’m Ken Hilts, a photographer who's usually outside, trying to capture natural stories. Usually that’s an encompassing landscape or a moment with wildlife, but there’s also great beauty to be found by searching for the small and listening for the quiet.

I've just started exhibiting photographic work; my website at www.fuzzyimaging.com features animals, scenery, plants, and the interaction of our structures with natural light.


Badlands Beauty - The road winds through, but part of you will stay

Between Moon and Sun - Sandhill Cranes returning to their roost at sunset

Dragonfly - It almost looks like a miniature robot

Friendly Awakening - A curious crab interrupts a monk seal's nap

Meadowlark Melody - A Western Meadowlark shares its song

Napping in Paradise - A monk seal enjoys the Hawaiian sun

Open Wide - Room to see, to hear, to breathe

Primitive Baptist Church - Shades of the past, shadows of today

Sandhill Sunset - Sandhill Cranes fill the sky as they head to their river roost

Slow Sunrise - The morning sun takes its time

Steps Taken - Ascend and transform

Sun Spots - Showers of sunlight nourish us all

The Guardian - Ever watchful

Two Medicine Treeline - The forest reaches for the sun

Wiretapping - A Eurasian magpie gathers intelligence

Kancamagus Illuminati - The stars sing their secrets