Furqan LW


Furqan Aziz is a freelance nature photographer and writer. Furqan Aziz by vocation is manager Administration but by avocation nature, photography his passion. Born and raised in Karachi, did a Masters in HRM and working on the executive position in Memon Industrial and technical institute.
He prime many youth development programs, specifically Karachi youth initiative, Prime minister, youth skills development program, and many others each time shows his brilliance at work that is why he gets best employee of the year award in 2013.He love to work with the youth of those areas which is underdeveloped. He is also head of the photography department in Memon Industrial and technical institute.
As photography is a great distinction is his life He captures the natural beauty in its bloom, to lend the fleeting moments of life eternal. He always wants to capture the wonders of nature lying scattered in God’s universe in his eyes and convey this charm ahead is the greatest purpose of his life, as this will pave his way to get the realization of God’s existence. He believes through his camera cannot capture and effect those sensations until you feel them before. Furqan considers Photography is such a divine creed which projects the deep layers of his personality, his feelings, sensations and his world view.
He participated in many photography competitions and shows those places in front which are hidden from the world. He also won the first National photography award Jewel of Pakistan, which is the most prestigious award. As he travels in different places in Pakistan and write travel stories in which one of them is Untold Secret of Baluchistan.


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Hingol Natioanl Park Baluchistan, Pakistan.