Fabio Moscatelli


Born in Rome, he lives in his hometown. He started taking photographs at age 25, as a studio & ceremony assistant, and then approach the social and ethnological reportage photography. He obtained his first certificate in Reportage at Graffiti in Rome. In 2012 he won the second prize of the scholarship named Rolando Fava and, in the same year, Scuola Romana di Fotografia, after he submitted them the project “Fronte del Porto“, assign him a scholarship for a Master of Reportage. In 2013, he was finalist in the Leica Award and winner of National Geographic competition in Portraits category. In 2014 takes part in the realization of the CEI‘s photographic campaign “Chiedilo a Loro“. He has published on Lens Culture, Phnom Magazine, Magazine Shoot and Private International Review Of Photography. In 2014 he won Moscow International Foto Awards’14 in Book : Documentary category. He is contributor for Echo Agency.


Andrei in his new home in Tivoli, a small town near Rome

It is through his gestures that his nostalgia for his motherland is perceived

Nonostante le difficoltà si ambientamento,la voglia di scherzare c'è sempre

The distance from his mother, their existence on separate levels and now, finally, close together.

Andrei looks far away, as he tries to see what his distant friends are doing

A thread, green as hope, that /which never broke, not even in the saddest moments

To watch, to observe, an action that Andrei often takes in his days

The way back from school, while waiting for new friends

The way back home, the game, a little light heartedness, a ball is enough.

Soap bubbles, any time is the ideal time for entertaining himself

On the bottom of the slope, or at the beginning of the climb for the new life waiting for him

The little nephew left in Romania, often as a sweet vision

The attention of the mother, in each little gesture; it is time for a snack

It is getting darker, a last glance at the light

A life between light and darkness hoping that now the light will always remain

TV as the best way to learn a new language

The day is ending and now the goodnight kiss will never be missed again

A little flame as a hope to have a good relationship with his mother's partner

Many eyes staring at you and who will guide you in the new path

The first new friend, a dog