Fabio Giachetti 1


My name is Fabio Giachetti, I was born in 1970 and live in Pisa, Italy.
I began photographing in an era when film came in 36 exposure roles. It made me think about every shot before committing to photographing on film.
Even now in the digital era, I still photograph in this way -- slow and deliberate.
My main passions are Street Photography, Landscape, Seascape and Architecture Photography.
My architectural images try to highlight the shapes, light, and shadows that form against structures. I see them as figures that stand against a dark sky and show their beauty through their geometry.
For my landscape and architecture photography, I often shoot long exposures to make them more dreamlike, silky, and to give more emphasis to static elements than dynamic ones like sky, clouds, and water.
Defining "Street Photography" is not so easy for me, everyone has their own interpretation.
For me, "Street" means photographing man and his passage in the world, what he leaves behind, his shadow or color, in all places, being a city, a beach, a hill.
Before the term "Street Photography" existed, there was "reportage", a word that identified articulated work with exhaustive and in depth photographs on a topic or story we wanted to tell.
I approach "Street" photography in this way. I try, with every single photograph, to tell a small story, to show to others what I have seen by photographing it in the best possible form. I want to create a composition that guides the viewers eye through the image. In a series, I try to create images with the same shades and tones so that the story is more homogeneous.
I also like to experiment with new styles of editing for each series in what I think is more appropriate to the context. I will often create a series with strong black and white contrasts, or others with pastel colors or more intense colors. Whatever is appropriate to tell my story and my interpretation.
All of is deliberately thought out, even if only for a fraction of a second, which is often, is all the time we have.