Born in Slovakia. I have started to photograph since the year 2010 using old photographic methods. In my work I deal with alternative photographic techniques - cyanotype, oilprint, lithprint and silverprint and mixed media. I use film cameras Mamiya RB 67, Nikon FM3a, WERRA I C, Canon EOS 3000N and YASHICA-12.

Love and relationships – these are main themes in my work. My dreams, my contemplation, my experiences … I try to share throught figural photos of naked man's or woman's body, throght photos of naked human soul.

I would like to invite you to search my personal soul and to search your soul too throught my photos.

With love and understanding, Evla :).

2013 AFUK - group exhibition
2013 - Pestrý čierno-biely svet ženy - Galéria Trafačka Nitra


Guardian Angel

Gaurdian Angel II

Feeling divine I

Feeling divine

Feeling divine II

Hedgehog in a cage

Hedgehog in a cage









Red depression

Trapped in motion

In the window

My window

In the whirl of anger



Touche of light


Ice Queen

If woman doesn't use her mind to think

Man & Woman


All about a man

All about a man

Woman's energy is negative

Madness pianissimo

Positive - negative I

Positive - negative II

Ignis fatuus in Bratislava

About an invisible man